from the Kennel Encyclopedia, edited by J. Sidney Turner, Chairman of the Committee of the Kennel Club. Published in 1907. The Borzoi section was written by S.P. Borman.


First let us take a few of those which some years ago were "at the top" of their breed. Although no longer with us, their names appear in the pedigrees of most of the present day "cracks," and a short summary of their good and bad qualities may be helpful to breeders; for it is to these former ancestors that many of their pups will "throw back," and unless one knows the points possessed by the stud dog's and brood bitch's ancestors, it is difficult to breed with any degree of certainty.

Perhaps one of the most successful dogs on the show nech was Ch. Velsk (95), owned by Her Grace the Duchess of Newcastle. Almost white, with faint, light grey markings, this dog possessed a marvellous coat, great depth of chest and plenty of bone. He was unfortunately rather lacking in arch - his worst fault. His measurements were as follow: - Height at shoulder, 31 3/4 in.; length of head, 12 1/2 in.; girth of chest, 35 1/2 in. CHAMPION VELASQUEZ, his litter brother, a handsome whole-coloured brindle, was a more racily built and bigger dog. He left few descendants in this country before being exported to America.

The pedigree of these two dogs (Champions Velsk and Velasquez) is as follows:

CHAMPION STATESMAN (still alive, but retired on his laurels) and his brother, CH. SHOWMAN, were also big winners some four or five years ago. Both were big, sound dogs, with light fawn markings. Their names occur in many of the present-day pedigrees. Their pedigree (which, as an example of in-breeding, is of interest alone) is as follows:

Their dam, Windle Princess, by Korotai ex Windle Snow, was litter sister to Ch. Windle Courtier. Courtier was all quality; some say he was too flat-sided and too curly in coat; but there is doubt that for quality, more especially in head, one must look to dogs containing blood of the "Windle" strain, at least, that is the writer's experience. This kennel, owned by a Mr. Coop, was dispersed some years ago.

Perhaps the biggest Borzoi, combining size and quality was Ch. Caspian, who when standing smartly, measured 34 1/2 in., length of head 12 3/4 in., girth of chest 37 1/2 in. Unfortunately he, too, left few descendants, dying when less than three years old.

By the kindness of the Duchess of Newcastle, the writer is enabled to include an illustration of her celebrated imported bitch Ch. Tsaritsa. A big, sound bitch, her measurements equalled those of many dogs, as a glance will show: - Height 31 1/2 in., length of head 11 1/2 in., girth 35 1/2 in. She was exhibited as "pedigree unknown." Her success on the show bench was phenomenal. She won no less than 66 firsts, specials and championships.

Although not a full champion, a dog that deserves mention as having left his mark on the breed is Piostri, a tall lemon-marked dog by Windle Earl ex Alston Queen, by Ch. Windle Courtier. He was extremely prepotent, stamping his wonderful head on nearly all his progeny. He covered perhaps too much ground, and wanted more substance; but with all his faults, his early death was a great loss to the breed.

The list would not be complete without mentioning some of those bitches, dams and grand-dams of our present champions whose names appear in all the best pedigrees. Foremost among these rank Ch. Vikhra, dam of Ch. Velsk, Ch. Velasquez, and of White Tsar; and Ina, dam of Champions Caspian, Vassal, Kieff and others. Ina was just a fair specimen, and never made a great name on the show bench, but as a brood bitch she was simply invaluable, as was Windle Princess, a tall white bitch, dam of Champions Sunbeam, Statesman, Showman, etc.

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