from the Kennel Encyclopedia, edited by J. Sidney Turner, Chairman of the Committee of the Kennel Club. Published in 1907.The Borzoi section was written by S.P. Borman.


And now to turn to some of the present-day champions. These can be seen at any big show, and criticism here would be out of place. The writer, therefore, merely appends their pedigrees and measurements; for the latter he is indebted to their respective owners.

First let us bracket together the brothers Champions Vassal and Kieff (later litter), and give an extended pedigree, from which names occurring in following pedigree may be traced back.

Both these dogs, built on much the same lines, are brindle marked. Ch. Kieff's measurements are: height, 33 in., head, 12 1/2 in., girth, 35 1/2 in.

Another good dog by Fedia is Ch. Padiham Nordia. His dam, Norah, is a Windle-bred bitch, by Korotai ex Windle Dainty; Nordia is also brindle-marked. Height, 32 1/2 in., head, 12 in., girth, 36 in.

Closely related to the above is Ch. Berris, one of the few sired by Ch. Caspian. His dam, Selwood Strelka, was by Ch. Krilutt ex Nagla II. Height 34 in., girth 37 in., head 13 in. Ch. Ivan Turgeneff, by White Tsar ex Ch. Sunbeam. Colour, white, with fawn markings, half Windle-bred, his dam being full sister to Ch. Statesman. Height 32 1/2 in., girth 40 in., head 13 1/2 in.

In Ch. Strawberry King, by Ch. Kieff ex Maid of Honour (by Ch. Windle Courtier), we have got another with Windle blood on both sire and dams' sides; markings, light brindle.

H.M. the Queen's Borzoi Vassilka, a capital photo os which appears here, is by Ch. Velsk. His mother, Gatchina, is an imported bitch, the pedigree of which is unknown. He stands 32 1/2 in. at shoulder, length of head 12 1/2 in., girth 35 ins., markings, light fawn.

Of the bitches on the show bench at the present time, it is perhaps invidious to mention names where many are so good: but the writer thinks it will be admitted that Ch. Sunbeam and Ch. Miss Piostri head the list. A photo of a painting of the latter by the eminent canine artist, Miss Fairman, faces page 272 [below].

The dogs living at the time of writing and entitled to the coveted prefix of "Champion" are:

    1. Clumber Kennels (Her Grace the Duchess of Newcastle):
      Dogs - Chs. Ivan Turgeneff, Velsk Votrio, and Vassal
      Bitches - Chs. Sunbeam, Theodora, and Tatiana
    2. Ramsden Kennels (Mrs. Borman's):
      Dogs - Chs. Kieff, Ramsden Ranger, and Statesman
      Bitch - Miss Piostri
    3. Padiham Kennels (Mr. Murphy's):
      Dog - Ch. Padiham Nordia
    4. Mrs. Aitchison's Kennels:
      Dog - Ch. Strawberry King
      Bitch - Ch. Votrio Vikhra
    5. Mrs. May's Kennel -
      Dog - Ch. Berris

Now the photos here given, list of points, etc., should be an excellent guide to the intending Borzoi fancier; but it must be pointed out that the measurements apply to the best dogs of the past and present, and the novice must not expect quite such excellence unless prepared to open his purse-strings widely.

There are plenty of dogs living the measurements of which equal the above, but mere size is nothing unless quality is also present; and this is where the breeder's difficulty arises - to get size without coarseness.

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