from the Kennel Encyclopedia, edited by J. Sidney Turner, Chairman of the Committee of the Kennel Club. Published in 1907.The Borzoi section was written by S.P. Borman


With regard to the preparation for showing, a Borzoi should be brushed regularly and the feathering combed out to prevent it matting. If this is done no further preparation for exhibition will be required, except a bath a day or two previous to the show. Rain-water, if procurable, tends to soften the coat - a little liquid ammonia in the water helps to remove dirt and grease. Borzois should not be shown too fat, as it spoils their symmetry of outline. It is one of the great advantages of the breed that the novice can show on equal terms with the old hand, without having first to serve a long apprenticeship in "trimming." Keep your dog in good, hard condition, and show him clean - no one can do more.

The interests of the breed are well looked after by the Borzoi Club. It was founded on March 29th, 1892, with the Duke and Duchess of Newcastle as joint Presidents, by some dozen or so ardent fanciers of the breed, many of whose names are household words in the canine world, including G. R. Krehl, Sir Everett Millais - then Mr. Millais - Freeman Lloyd, W. E. Allcock, Colonel North and W. R. Hood Wright. At the present time the club consists of some 70 members, from whom a committee of 12 is elected annually. The income of the club is entirely devoted to guaranteeing classes and to offering medals and cash specials for competition among its members. The Hon. Secretary will at times be pleased to furnish full particulars to any lady or gentlman desirous of joining.*

Taken as a whole, it can safely be said that the breed has made good progress towards the desired type - as exemplified by Boldareff's Russian team - in recent years. Fewer of the apple-headed specimens, with pronounced stop, are seen, and more of the "triangular" heads. The writer fears we are, to some extent, losing the former beautiful, silky texture of coat; and quantity is by some sacrificed to size. He has also noticed a tendency, in trying to improve the feet, to run to the other extreme, and breed the Borzoi "cat-footed." However, Rome was not built in a day, and the writer can only suggest that, with the above-mentioned team for a model, breeders should "peg away" until they produce the perfect - or almost perfect - Borzoi.

*Hon. Sec., Major Borman, ramsden, Billericay, Essex


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