History of the "Borzoi" Russian Wolfhound

Hunting with Russian Wolfhounds

Report of U.S. Department of Agriculture

(from a booklet published in 1930 by the Russian Wolfhound Club of America)

Many ranchmen find dogs an efficient help in guarding against coyote depredations. For this purpose the small varieties are useless, since the coyotes do not fear them. Beagles and larger foxhounds are too slow. Staghounds, Russian Wolfhounds, Greyhounds and their crosses are to be preferred; and at least three are needed to successfully chase and safely kill a coyote. These dogs soon learn to hunt wolves, and are seldom known to harm sheep. Ranches on which they are kept are comparatively free from depredations of wild animals, while others within a few miles are by no means exempt.

In the open country where there are few fences, hunting the coyote with horse and dogs is an exciting sport. Fox chasing, although less meritorious in purpose, may have some advantages as sport, because the quarry is not always in sight and the skill of the hounds is pitted against the cunning of the fox. In the chase of the wolf, as in coursing hares, the race is straight away and without cover; and when the quarry is overtaken the fight is won only because of the overpowering numbers of the pursuers. The ordinary Greyhound can easily overtake a coyote, but is usually unable to kill it alone.

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