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  • American Dog Owners Association - promoting responsible dog ownership
  • AKC Canine Legislation Page - legislation information compiled by the American Kennel Club
  • AKC Government Relations Legislative Tracking - a listing(by state) of legislation/bills being tracked by AKC
  • Animal Rights is Not Animal Welfare - article by Tom DeWeese. " Frankly, it’s too nuts to explain rationally. So, here, let them tell you in their own words."
  • <NEW> Breeders Legal Defense Fund - "the Breeders Legal Defense Fund enable the entire pet industry to fight back on behalf of breeders"
  • Campaign for Responsible Ownership - We work to keep children, families and pets safe by educating the public and local leaders about about responsible pet ownership
  • Canine Legislation Page - information on upcoming legislation dealing with canines
  • Dog Bite Law - "Important information for dog bite victims, dog owners, parents, journalists and others about legal rights of victims and dog owners, protecting children, and other aspects of the dog bite epidemic."
  • Dog Gone California - information on legislative issues in California, primarily bill AB 1634
  • Dog Watch - canine legislation issues - a great source to help keep informed on pending legislation that may affect responsible breeders and owners 
  • Domino Dogs - "providing a proactive voice for dogs in Europe"
  • Expose Animal Rights - "protect your right to own a pet"; site sponsored by NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance)
  • HumaneWatch - "keeping a watchful eye on the HSUS"; learn the truth about HSUS and their agendas
  • Monthly National Legislation Report - published once a month listing available reports of dog and animal legislation in all States and other countries.
  • National Animal Interest Alliance - "The mission of NAIA is to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners."
  • NoAB1634 - committed to defeating the draconian California Assembly Bill AB 1634
  • PATHWAI - debunking the Animal Rights agenda, there IS a difference between animal "rights" and "welfare". Learn the difference here!
  • PetPAC -PetPAC is an organization formed to support the rights of pet owners. First formed to defeat California's draconian AB 1634, known to dog fanciers as The "Pet Extinction Act". PetPAC also has a Yahoo Group set up at
  • Save Our Dogs - a grassroots effort to save working dogs from CA's AB 1634, mandatory spay/neuter
  • State Legislation Affecting Animal Agriculture - information from the Animal Agriculture Alliance regarding active legislation and ballot initiatives impacting animal agriculture


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