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Joining an internet list can be an invaluable way to learn about the breed and make contacts with other Borzoi/Sighthound fanciers.

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A discussion group for Borzoi exhibitors, breeders and those interested in the subject, where highly technical and in depth conversations are encouraged.

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Borzoi show results from all over the world.   This list should should contain information about any shows and is not a discussion list.

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All about Borzois in Europe.

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This group is to assist potential Borzoi owners in finding a dog or puppy that meets their needs.

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This club is dedicated to the Borzoi, the most stately breed of all.   Let's get together and discuss the ups and downs of owning this wonderful and elegant breed.  

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This list is for the frank and open discussion of Borzoi judges. No judge is to be slandered but frank opinions are welcome.

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