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Borzoi Art

  • Barslund Creations - animal portraits, screen printed t-shirts, cards, pyrography; there's some lovely Borzoi items
  • Beth Hickman - prints in a variety of mediums, and some great t-shirts
  • Canine Fine Arts - Original Borzoi statues created by the English sculptor John Stanbridge.
  • Cast of Characters - lost wax casting of bronze - some lovely drawer pulls and hooks
  • Cecelia's Arts - wide variety of items with Borzoi - check out the steel sculptures!
  • Clearly the One - prints by C Alan Jachinski
  • Dog-On-Art - "This site offers unique, high quality animal-related artwork to those looking for pieces to decorate your home, as gifts or perhaps as trophies."
  • Dog Figurines Shop - collectible figurines, both new and antique
  • Freestyle Sculpture - original miniature sculptures under glass and ornaments cast in resin and painted; also a "Borzoi Crossing" sign in resin
  • Hansa Traders - specializes in art and collectibles from Estonian and Russian cities once part of the medieval Hanseatic Trading League. We create original works of art in several specialty categories of horse, dog and fox art.
  • Horzois - custom-made Borzoi dolls or "replicas" - these are beautifully done and come with a three-generation pedigree!
  • Icart Vendor - Louis Icart art deco reproduction prints (some featuring various sighthounds, including Borzoi) sold retail and wholesale
  • Landmark Sculpture - can get a custom-painted version of this lovely sculpture
  • Mythling Studio - beautiful stained glass representations; catalog available
  • Raintree Kennel Studios - Prints, jewelry and rubber stamps by Marcia Van Woert
  • Raintree Rubber Stamps - rubber stamps featuring Borzoi
  • Roger Inman Studios - fine art dog breed studies
  • Russell Hoover Studios - "Wolf Hunt in the Caucasus" - stunning print of Russian hunters on horseback and their Borzoi
  • the Sighthound Gallery - some lovely metal silhouettes, jewelry and decals; site in German
  • Sighthound Mall - a Yahoo group listing various vendors and their wares. Do not have to be a member to read posts listing available items - but do have to join to view their extensive Links page. Great resource for trophies!
  • Stephen Kline Print - unique limited edition print
  • Studio L'Image - beautiful figurines by Nancy Miller Pinke
  • Trigg Studio - original artwork and prints by Rosalind Trigg; the charcoal drawing of a Borzoi is spectacular!
  • Victoria LaPaz - stunning and fanciful prints
  • Whitebird Studio - featuring the art of Rebecca Neef, member of the AKC Museum of the Dog's prestigious "Registry of Artists"
  • Yvonne's Images - some lovely prints; original artwork by Yvonne Sovereign

Pet Portraitists

Although not selling Borzoi items, these artists are available for custom portraiture and have some beautiful works in their online galleries.

  • Airbrush by Alice - ask those who attended the 2002 national in Atlanta and ordered from this artist - great work!! Check it out!
  • Animals Immortal - 3D and 2D pet portraits in crystal
  • Barrie Barnett
  • Headlines - Maren Phillips, San Antonio, TX
  • Iconic Dog - artist Gwen rosewater creates colorful, whimsical, hand-painted oil portraits of your dog (or other pet) with dramatic, customized backgrounds.
  • Katja's Pet Portraiture - Traditional, high quality custom portraits of pets and people. Welcome to see the online gallery with my paintings and drawings!
  • Pet Oil Portraits - custom portraits by Borzoi fancier Lucie Langlois
  • Pet Portraits by Betty - Pet portrait paintings of pet and equine done from photos.  Pencil and Charcoal sketches. Plaques, brushes, signs, and memorial stones with your pet's or equine's own portrait painted on it.
  • Petpainter - custom artwork on a variety of items
  • Pets in Pastel - lifelike pet portraits by Sarah Theophilus
  • Watercolor Portraits by Cecelia Haggstrom - gorgeous work by a Swedish Borzoi breeder

the Guardian of the Steppes

by Deborah Vidaver-Cohen


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