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  • ASFA - American Sighthound Field Association
  • LGRA - Large Gazehound Racing Association
  • NLCC - National Lure Coursing Club
  • NOTRA - National Oval Track Racing Association
  • NOTRA OB - website for NOTRA "Other Breeds" (including Borzoi)
  • NOFCA - National Open Field Coursing Association
  • NACA


  • AAWC - Alamo Area Whippet Club, based in San Antonio, TX with events usually in Hutto.
  • ACC - Appalachee Coursing Club, based in Tallahassee, FL
  • ASFA Region Sites - not clubs per se, but you can find lots of event information on these various regional sites
  • BGCC - Bluegrass Coursing Club
  • BSSA - Big Sky Sighthound Association (Montana)
  • CBARRC - Chesapeake Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
  • CCC - Cascade Coursing Club (Washington)
  • CCNY - Coursers of New York
  • CHAMP - Coursing Hounds of the Mid-Potomac
  • CHASE - Coursing Hound Association of the SouthEast; based in Georgia
  • CLCA - Colorado Lure Coursing Association
  • CLCS - Carolina Lure Coursing Society, hosts AKC and ASFA lure coursing and NOTRA; based in South Carolina. Event calendar on website.
  • DASH - District Area SightHounds; lure coursing and NOTRA in Maryland
  • DFB - Desert Fun Bunch; AKC and ASFA lure coursing in Arizona
  • GCSCA - Greater Columbus Sighthound Coursing Association
  • GCWC - Greater Chicago Whippet Club; the GCWC holds 4 LGRA race meets each year and around 12 all-sighthound race practice/training sessions each year.
  • GIT - Gazehounds in Texas; LGRA and NOTRA based in north Texas (ASFA coming soon!)
  • GOGLCA - Greater Ocala Gainesville Lure Coursing Association
  • GONE - Gazehounds of New England; ASFA and LGRA
  • GSSA - Garden State Sighthound Association. Event calendar on website.
  • HCA - Heartland Coursing Association; lure coursing in Kansas
  • IWAGS - Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State; this groups holds all-breed lure trials in the New Jersey area.
  • IWHC - Inland Wilderness Hunt Club; lure coursing in southern California
  • ILCC - Indiana Lure Coursing Club
  • LARK - Loraine Area Racing Club; offering amateur sighthound racing in North East Ohio
  • LCLC - Lake Country Lure Coursers
  • LVCC - Lehigh Valley Coursing Club; straight-racing and lure coursing in Pennsylvania
  • MAHA - Mid-Atlantic Hound Association
  • MARS - Metro Atlanta Racing Society; all-breed club dedicated to amateur racing with sighthounds in and around Atlanta, Georgia
  • MCA - Minnesota Coursing Association; ASFA and LGRA
  • MGA - Michigan Gazehound Association
  • MWCC - Midwest Coursing Club; AKC and ASFA lure coursing in Wisconsin
  • NARC - Northland Amateur Racing Club; based in Minnesota (no website available)
  • NCC - Northcoast Coursing Club; ASFA and AKC lure coursing, LGRA and NOTRA
  • NWCC - NorthWest Coursing Club; AKC lure coursing in Washington state
  • OKIGO - OKI Gazehound Organization; ASFA and AKC lure coursing in Ohio
  • PHAST - Philadelphia Area Sighthound Trials
  • SESRA - SouthEast Sighthound Racing Association
  • SHOT - SightHound Organization of Tidewater; AKC and ASFA lure coursing in Virginia
  • SLASH - St. Louis Area SightHounds
  • SOMOS - SouthernMost Sighthounds
  • SWAG - Southern Whippets and Greyhounds; LGRA and NOTRA racing
  • TCC - The Coursing Conservancy; open field coursing in New Mexico and California
  • TSA - Tulsa Sighthound Association
  • USRCC - Utah Sighthound Racing and Coursing Club; ASFA and AKC lure coursing


  • CARA - Canadian Amateur Racing Association
  • Gruppo Padano Levrieristi - coursing in Milano, Italy
  • NWARA - NorthWest Amateur Racing Association; based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • OLCA - Ontario Lure Coursing Association



American Sighthound Field Assn. - ASFA

Large Gazehound Racing Assn. - LGRA

NOTRA - National Oval Track Racing Assn.


Lure Coursing by Beaman
Lure Coursing
by Arthur Beaman

The past, present and future of lure coursing - many photos and drawings.


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